Seale-Hayne College, Newton Abbot, sold to Dame Hannah Rogers Trust of Ivybridge

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2 Responses

  1. Tony Starkey says:

    I was very pleased when I read in the Mid Devon Advertiser that Dame Hannah Trust had purchased College & 90 acres of land. Our wishes, that it should remain in education has been granted. Charles Seale-Hayne will surely rest in peace now. It was well worth fighting for. Many thanks to the Futures Group

  2. Cptn says:

    Hi Tony

    Thanks for the comment.

    Shame you weren’t reading the Devon Week – we published the story three days before the Mid-Devon Advertiser (and we doubt you’d be able to read about it online either).

    All in all a good turn out for Seale-Hayne though.

    Do you know how the Seale-Hayne Futures group is doing trying to secure for education some of the profit from the sale?

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