Shaldon Ferry fails to reopen for Christmas

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  1. Thorogood says:

    We have been holidaying in Shaldon for over 20 years and this Christmas and New Year was the first time we were unable to use the ferry! We just could not believe that such an integral part of life just wasn’t there!
    I understand from the local paper that money is being put into developing the Den at Teignmouth to upgrade the area. Surely, the Ferry is to be part of the plan? How short sighted if it is not to be included. The traffic across the bridge in the summer would be unbelievable and cause polution we all wish to avoid. Part of the pleasure of our holiday is that once we have arrived, we seldom use the car! Unless we venture to Dartmoor or further afield, we walk and use the Ferry
    all the time – it has been known for us to not use the car at all for the entire holiday, sometimes using the Ferry every day and even twice each day. I would be happy to buy a holiday ticket/pass for a week rather than have the disappointment we had this trip. Hopefully, common sense will have won over the situation before we return in the Spring!

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