Plymouth jumps to it as national hub for Parkour proposal

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Plymouth Parkour expert Rob Green has is to be awarded one of the first professional Parkour qualifications, and he’s keen to establish the city as a hub of the free-running movement.

His plan is to open a a training school at the former YMCA building on Armada Way, which is next to what specialists call a ‘haven’ – an area which has an array of obstacles perfect for the sport.

What is Parkour?

“Parkour focuses on developing the fundamental attributes required for movement, which include balance, strength, dynamism, endurance, precision, spatial awareness and creative vision. It is a way of training one’s body and mind in order to be as completely functional, effective and liberated as possible in the physical realm, and a way of thinking based on rigorous self-discipline, autonomous action and self-will.”

From the Parkour UK site

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