Ann Daniels back in Devon after another Arctic adventure

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Ann Daniels has returned to her Devon home after taking part in the Artic Catlin Survey where she collected water and marine life samples from beneath the floating sea ice, along with colleagues Martin Harley and Charlie Paton. The research was part of the expedition’s science programme, which assesses the impact of CO2 absorption on the ocean and its marine life — a process known as ‘ocean acidification’.

She said: “It can be horrendous out there and I know there are times when I wonder why I am there and that I will never go back, but I just love the place and I know I will go back.”

“This time science was the key. I would not have gone if I had not believed in the importance of the science we were doing.

“It was the first time the acidic levels had been checked there and this sets a bench mark and also gives us warnings, for it is really an extreme environment and will give us the first indications of change. That’s vital not just for the Arctic but for the effects and impact it will have on the rest of the world.”

And it’s good to be back home: “I particularly like going to bed without wearing hat, gloves, clothes and with all my cameras and other gear that I have to keep warm,” she said.

To find out more about Ann Daniels visit her website.

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