Chard self-help group for isolated people raises funds with Peter Cushing CD

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No White Peaks, raising funds for isolated people in Somerset

No White Peaks CD cover, read by Peter Cushing, raising funds for Chard’s Watch project

A self-help group for people who have become isolated through mental health problems or other issues has come up with a unique way of raising funds to help widen their range of activities.

The WATCH project (Working All Together in Chard) has produced a CD of the actor Peter Cushing reading No White Peaks, to a backing by the renowned musician Adam Wakeman. No White Peaks is a poem about the consequences of war by the poet and lyricist Peter Kayne.

WATCH project co-ordinator Julie Matthews says the poem is a vivid description of the poet’s view of war, but also has a lot of relevance to the people in the group.

“One of the key lines in the poem for me is ‘Both sides think that they are right’, which highlights how conflict so often involves people not understanding each other, and within mental health these barriers can create stigma which leads to isolation.

“At the WATCH project we want to challenge the stigma around mental health issues and disabilities in order to help reintegrate our members back into the community.”

Julie says all of the group’s activities start with ideas and suggestions by members of the group, including the CD. “The WATCH project is about helping people find their potential and their own voice in their own way. By having an environment that’s welcoming and supportive it can really help raise people’s confidence.”

The WATCH project runs a number of workshops including bicycle maintenance, woodwork, crafts and a reading group. All funds raised from sales of the CD will help support and expand their activities.

The CD can be purchased for £5, from the WATCH project’s website.


(from a press release)

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