RNLI lifeguards in Devon assisted 2,175 people and saved 12 lives in 2012

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RNLI Flood Rescue Team training to rescue casualties in flood waters credit RNLI Simon Culliford MS.jpg

In 2012 RNLI lifeguards were patrolling 16 beaches across Devon, they dealt with 1,714 incidents, assisted 2,175 people and saved 12 lives.

In 2011 RNLI lifeguards dealt with 1,835 incidents and assisted 2,243 people and saved 5 lives.

In 2010 RNLI lifeguards dealt with 1,950 incidents, assisted 2,415 people and saved 12 lives.

Woolacombe in north Devon remains one of the busiest beach in the county with 383 incidents and is the third busiest RNLI lifeguarded beach in the south west.

On the south coast Bantham is the busiest beach for the RNLI lifeguards where they dealt with 259 incidents

Break down of beach areas;

South Hams on eight beaches (Bantham, Blackpool Sands, Burgh Island, Challaborough, Hope cove Sedgewell Cove, Slapton, Thurlestone) RNLI lifeguards dealt with 570 incidents, assisted 698 people and saved 7 lives, compared to 2011when they dealt with 544 incidents and assisted 645 people, saving 1 life
(2010 dealt with 611 incidents, assisted 700 people and saved 5 lives)

Torridge two beaches (Sandymere and Westward Ho!)RNLI lifeguards dealt with 68 incidents, assisted 76 people, saved 1 life, compared to 2011 when they dealt with 106 incidents and assisted 115 people
(2010 dealt with 123 incidents, and assisted 130 people, saved 1 life)

East Devon two beaches, (Exmouth and Sandy Bay) RNLI lifeguards dealt with 987 incidents and assisted 100 people, compared to 2011when they dealt with 185 incidents, assisted 197 people and saved 2 lives
(2010 – 185 incidents and assisted 209 people, 1 life)

Teignmouth and Dawlish RNLI lifeguards were on two beaches (Teignmouth and Dawlish Warren) they dealt with 190 incidents and assisted 207 people and saved 1 life, compared to 2011 when they dealt with 192 incidents and assisted 194 people
(2010 they dealt with 209 incidents and assisted 223 people)

North Devon two beaches (Woolacombe and Croyde) RNLI lifeguards dealt with 628 incidents and assisted 900 people and saved 3 lives, compared to 2011 when they dealt with 808 incidents, assisted 1,092 people, and saved 2 lives
(2010, 823 incidents, assisted 1154 people and saved 5 lives)

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