Shilhay Community fundraisers get boost from Exeter Barratt

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Workers at Barratt in Exeter have been showing support for the city’s homeless by donating the proceeds of an annual raffle to Shilhay Community.

The charity works as a not for profit organisation, supporting people who are homeless and vulnerably housed in Exeter, East and Mid Devon. It also acts as a key partner in the Devon & Cornwall Rough Sleepers Partnership, which provides an emergency helpline for the general public to call if they see someone sleeping rough.

Money raised by the raffle will go towards a housing project that aims to add extra units to the 70 plus bed spaces the charity already make available for those in need.

“Our Street Outreach team is aware of at least 30 people sleeping rough, so it is great to have assistance from businesses like Barratt,” said Gayle Morrish, fundraising officer for Shilhay Community.

“We are thankful to all those who gave – and all for all the hard work that went into organising the raffle. We have a big task ahead and are trying to raise over £200,000 for a property by 2015. Every penny really does count.”

With a number of new developments in the region, Barratt is dedicated to supporting the local communities it helps to create. “Homes are our business – but it is important to us to feel that we are building neighbourhoods too,” said Barratt managing director, Tim Larner.

“Shilhay Community plays a very important role within this region and support from local people and businesses can make a vital difference to those who sadly need it most.

“I wish the charity much luck for the future – and am glad that we were able to play a small role in such a crucial project.”

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