Skoopit! North Devon Dirty Dog Owners campaign is a hit

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North Devon MP Nick Harvey has welcomed a new initiative to persuade ‘dirty dog owners’ to clean up after their pets.

The Skoopit campaign, created by South Molton dog owners Paul Henderson and Tracey Lewis, uses posters and leaflets featuring images cleverly designed to shock and highlight the unpleasant consequences of irresponsible dog ownership.

The posters have already proven popular in South Molton and surrounding villages, so Paul and Tracey now hope to promote the Skoopit brand nationally with their new website.

Nick Harvey said: “The Skoopit initiative is an excellent way to tackle the problem of dog mess on North Devon’s streets – something I’m sure we’ll all have had unfortunate experience of. Not only is it unpleasant, but poses a serious health risk, particularly if it gets on to children’s hands.

“Paul and Tracey’s efforts are a brilliant example of community action going national, and I would urge everyone interested in the campaign to download materials via the Skoopit website and spread the word.”

“I am going to raise this issue with the Department of Health, highlighting Skoopit’s brilliant work so far, and ask them to take steps to address this problem on a national level.”

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