Turn your frown upside down with Kellogg’s Krave and Tweet When U Eat

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There’s fun and there’s chocolate, and the two have been combined in Krave, the new chocolate cereal from Kellogg’s which is offering us all a chance to smile on Alton Tower’s The Smiler if we tweet when we eat.

There are daily Tweet When U Eat challenges and plenty of prizes on offer, and all you have to do is follow the Kellogg’s Krave gang @KraveUnleashed and take it from there.

And if that isn’t enough to make your mouth happy, the chance to getting an exclusive ride on Alton Towers latest mind bending ride just might. The Smiler does more than turn your frown upside down, it does it 14 times!

The Smiler rollercoaster isn’t for the faint hearted, along with its 14 loops, it also features ‘a series of twisted psychological effects including optical illusions and blinding lights designed to mess with your mind and body’.

Krave comes in two forms: Chocolate and if that isn’t enough there’s always Double Chocolate to answer to your krave-ing [sic].

Watch the quick flick above to see just what fun can be had with Krave and The Smiler, click through, follow and enjoy as you Tweet When U Eat to try to win one of more than 3,500 prizes on offer to you and three friends.

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