TU Go app from O2 turns your tablet and PC into your phone

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A new app from O2 lets you turn any of your kit into your phone.

Zoe Salmon and Matt Edmondson, with the help of the Huffington Post and a shedload of volunteers, have put the new app, called TU Go, through its paces as they faced up to a number of challenges.

Take a look as they Cheer Up Lewisham, and create a recording studio in an empty room at the O2 arena.

It’s all fun and games for Zoe and Matt, but while they are demonstrating the goodwill of all those involved to complete their challenges, they are also using the Tu Go app to its fullest.

What the app does is allow you use your PC or your tablet as a mobile phone. Not only is this great for convenience and connectivity, it is also a great fail-safe in case your phone is stolen, lost or damaged.

With the TU Go app, you can text and phone from your tablet or PC with your O2 number. Which means if you’ve got no signal to call, you can still contact people as long as you’ve got a wi-fi connection.

You can download it to as many devices as you like and use it on as many as five at the same time.

Watch the films to see how Zoe and Matt get on, and see how easy the Tu Go app is to use and how it increases to your connectivity. Click through on the films to find out more and to download this nifty bit of software.

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