People of Exeter, don’t lose your vote!

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All rights reserved by Electoral Commission UK

All rights reserved by Electoral Commission UK

Exeter City Council has started the year by reminding people not to lose their vote.

The council says there are still up to 13,000 properties have yet to return their electoral registration form.

Now, the council will being the door-to-door stage of its annual electoral registration canvass.

Exeter City Council and European elections will take place on Thursday, May 22.

According to the press release: “This canvass will be the last one to be conducted on a household basis. From June a system of individual electoral registration will be introduced. This will mean that each person will be required to provide their national insurance number and date of birth to be able to register to vote. However, anyone already on the 2014 register when it is published in February will, provided their details can be confirmed by the Department of Work and Pensions database, be automatically transferred to the first individual register.”


All rights reserved by Electoral Commission UK

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