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However you like your steak, try to make sure it’s rare

However you like your steak, rare breeds can provide steaks with more flavour, and they’re rare because people don’t eat them. Tiverton’s The Deli Shak Iain Thompson explains the importance – and taste difference – of rare breeds that support the local economy, maintain traditional traditions, and add to the enjoyment of the food

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Inspiring Little Cooks in Tiverton

Do children need to be able to cook properly? It’s a question Iain Thompson has asked and addressed in Tiverton with Two Moors Primary School head teacher Roy Kerrigan with their Little Cooks project, which introduces children to fresh, healthy, local food

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Life down on the farm

When his family first moved to Devon, Iain Thompson, proprietor of the Deli Shack, and family lived – and worked – on a farm near Honiton. In a series from Iain, here’s one of the stories he picked up during his time there

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Riches to Rags… and hopefully back again

Hating your job and being in the wrong job are two completely different issues, says Iain Thompson of Tiverton’s Deli Shack – and he should know. After being European commercial director for a leading corporation, Iain retrained as a chef and set up the Deli Shack to show off the best fayre the West Country has to offer.

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A long journey into local for the Deli Shack

The Deli Shack, which is at Tiverton’s Pannier Market on Thursday and Friday, and online, supplies top quality local food and supports education and maintaining rare breeds. But Iain Thompson’s journey to local food was a circuitious one that took him from the business world to the class room