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Five minutes with Mike’s Smokehouse

Kingsbridge’s Mike’s Smokehouse is a favourite of Iain Thompson, who works with them for his Deli Shack in Tiverton. Iain finds a winning combinatin of passion and a no nonsense approach to great food and natural preservation

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Five minutes with Moonbeams Farm

Iain Thompson of the Deli Shack on specialist free-range pork producer Jez Pitman at Moonbeam’s farm, whose sausages have won the prestigious regional award ‘Best Sausage in the Blackdown Hills

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Where does Fair Trade begin and end?

Iain Thompson of Tiverton Pannier Market’s Deli Shack questions fairness when hard working Devon farmers are forced to travel to London in an attempt to get a decent price for their produce

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The Deli Chefs at the Westcountry Game & Equine Festival

The Deli Chefs, Geoff Odgers and Iain Thompson of the Deli Shack based in Tiverton’s Pannier Market, were invited to the Westcountry Game & Equine Festival to demonstrate their skills at the cookery theatre. Find out how they tempted people with their tradition skills and local food

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Riches to Rags… and hopefully back again

Hating your job and being in the wrong job are two completely different issues, says Iain Thompson of Tiverton’s Deli Shack – and he should know. After being European commercial director for a leading corporation, Iain retrained as a chef and set up the Deli Shack to show off the best fayre the West Country has to offer.