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A long journey into local for the Deli Shack

The Deli Shack, which is at Tiverton’s Pannier Market on Thursday and Friday, and online, supplies top quality local food and supports education and maintaining rare breeds. But Iain Thompson’s journey to local food was a circuitious one that took him from the business world to the class room

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Tiverton Pannier Market (video)

Devon filmmaker Will Foxwell captures the strength of Tiverton Pannier market in a film which highlights the need to support local business and the quality of produce available in Devon


Psychic says there’s a dog in Tiverton

A psychic told a dog owner that a missing pet is in Tiverton and has six puppies. The owner said: “She’s spoken to both of the dogs and they’ve both come up with exactly the same description of the man who took Pebbles.”