Teachers, image your ideal lifestyle in Kent

A combination of countryside and coast, along with historic and vibrant cities and towns plus a proximity to London have made Kent somewhat of a hidden gem of a region to live in. And it’s the uncovering of that gem which could bag teachers a prize of a superb weekend in Kent.

Kent County Council Schools has organised a Facebook competition to show teachers what their life could be like if they lived and worked in Kent.

All teachers have to do is submit a story describing what their life would be like living and teaching in Kent, and describe their perfect Kent day.

There’s plenty of inspiration in the county that claims the crown of Garden of England.

It’s an opportunity to image your ideal lifestyle, and how it could be a reality. The perfect work/life balance could be created while continuing your career and educating the next generation.

Kent is one of the UK’s largest local authorities, with all the professional scope you’d expect from more than 600 schools, which range from energetic urban secondary schools to more serene coastal village primaries.

Image what it would be like to be within shouting distance of London and the continent, while niftily side-stepping the hustle and bustle to create your ideal lifestyle opportunity.

Consider the life-changing options that Kent has to offer for teachers, and if you’re in need of inspiration, pop over the competition Facebook page and see what others are describing. You could also get the opinion of family and friends – Tweet and update your profile to tell people about the competition to see what they would recommend for what would be Your Perfect Kent Day.

Pop along to the competition page now, and share your thoughts.

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